About Self-clean Air & Surfaces

Self-clean Air & Surfaces is an environmental technology Distribution/Application, Wholesale and Retail orientated business with a defined mission:-

“Integration of Scientific Research and Green Technology for a Sustainable World”.

Self-clean Air & Surfaces was established as a business with the sole vision of utilising and promoting the technology, products, and services that can enhance the environmental quality of everyday living conditions, and likewise, for it to be made available to other distribution outlets, business, and private sector users – in both an ethical and affordable service as possible.

One of the most important aspirations we as a distribution service have adopted is, to help make the environment we Live, work and play in a safer and healthier place, through the adaptation of scientifically proven technologies and associated products that can transform any surface or fabric to become “self-sanitising” – where Air Pollution, such as NOx, SOx, PM and VOCs are evaporated/eliminated upon contact.

Although it’s better to attack pollution at source – actual reality shows us that it will take a long while to clean up the environment.

In the meantime…visualise a scenario where ever transport system surface could help clean the NOx, SOx, PM 2.5 & 10 and VOCs while they are in motion – or even stationary!

Easily applied, proven, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution of TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation on the vehicle surfaces would assist with removing these problems…exterior and interior!

TiO2 solution is a clear water-based substance…so can be applied over any surface colour…Taxi, Train, Bus/Coach, Car, Lorry/Trucks etc – it’s also self-cleaning and protects treated surfaces from deterioration.

We are always exploring other beneficial uses of our Titanium Dioxide PCO based products, such as in Waste Water Purification, Crop Protection, Livestock environmental living conditions and prolonging Fruit and Vegetable storage freshness with longer shelf life abilities. Furthermore, all and any tests, trials and collaboration proposals are welcome

In keeping with the above statements, we are now the Main Distributor for the UK & ROI, Agent and Training facilitator for Applications License approval for applying nanoYo™  a fourth generation TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Solution (TiO2 PCO).

Our main aim is to help provide the individual Sub-Distributors, Agents, and Customers with the foremost backup support for the technology and product’s related to PhotoCatalysts Oxidation treatments and associated spray application techniques.

Positive Protection Plus Persistent Prevention for 24/7 – 365 is the only way to maintain a clean & healthy environment!


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